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XCaliber shafts are designed and manufactured to as tight a Quality Tolerances as can be found in the industry. Utilizing a new, Ballistic Integrated Mechanics (BIM) software, the shafts are rigorously tested using both professional and higher handicap players — typically over 125 hours per individual design!CLICK HERE to dowload spec information

XCaliber Tour Superlite (White SL)

New for 2012 — This brilliant white shaft with a ‘63 Corvette red logo is the only Super Lite shaft in the industry that has butt frequencies equal to those of much heavier shafts. Designed for golfers with smooth tempos looking for a medium to high launch without an increase in spin. Testing has shown that golfers with swing speeds even up to 105 mph can gain distance without a loss of control or feel.

XCaliber Spin Wedges

2011 Line — Truly one of the most unique shafts in the industry. Designed with a rapid tapering geometry, this shaft has proven to increase spin rate by as much as 1000-2000 rpms over steel shafts designed for that purpose (confirmed by both extensive player testing and at Golf Labs in San Diego). Available in 85 and 95 grams.

XCaliber Tour Series

2011 Line — Building upon the success of the Tour Woods and Fairway Shafts in 2010, we’ve released a new XCaliber Hybrid shaft for 2011. The stiffness profile is similar to the standard XCaliber Hybrid except the lower 20” is stiffer for a more penetrating ball flight. The XCaliber Tour Woods have become a low handicap favorite after only one year! The shafts have the stiffest lower section in the industry and are designed for higher swing speed and/or quick tempos and most importantly, low spin. New for 2011, and by popular demand, an R-flex was added to the line-up. The XCaliber Tour Fairway shafts follow the 2009 success of the industry standard XCaliber Fairway shafts. Released in 2010, the XCaliber Tour Fairway shafts have a similar stiffness profile to the standard model, but with a stiffer lower 20” section for a more penetrating ball flight.

XCaliber Irons (Parallel and Taper)

2011 Line — Responding to voices and needs of golfers and club makers alike, we’ve released a constant weight, taper version of the XCaliber Iron shafts in 1/2” increments from 39” – 36”. Still comprising the lowest balance point in the industry similar to the parallel versions, these shafts are available in S-flex at 85 grams, and R-flex at 74 grams. The standard parallel versions are available in S-, R- and a combination A/L flex.

XCaliber 5 Series

Designed primarily for golfers with slower swing speeds. A softer than average butt section is offset with a medium stiff lower section (unique in the industry) for a higher flight and medium spin.

XCaliber 6 Series

Designed to optimize the launch angle and spin rate for those golfers with medium to high swing speeds, a smooth to bit quicker tempo and who need a little higher ball flight. Along with the Xcaliber 6+, these shafts were probably tested more than any shaft in the history of golf using golfers of all abilities. Since the 65 gram shaft is the highest selling shaft weight in the industry, we would NOT release any 65 gram shaft until we were completely satisfied that its performance attributes were equal to, and in most cases superior, to shafts selling at MUCH higher prices.

XCaliber 6+ Series

Designed to optimize the launch angle and spin rate for those golfers with medium to high swing speeds, a smooth or quick tempo and who need a little lower ball flight and less spin for maximum distance. Along with one of the lowest torques ratings in the industry for 65 gram shafts, the stiffness profile on the XCaliber 6+ is similar to that of the XCaliber 6 except the lower 20” is stiffer which results in the lower launch and spin.

XCaliber 7

Designed for stronger players with higher swing speeds who are looking for that professional ball flight — med to high flight, low spin. The 70+ gram shafts have the lowest torque rating for any sub-78 gram shafts in the industry to maximize control, but also has a med stiff lower section to enhance feel.

XCaliber FW (Fairway Woods)

Whereas a lot of companies and OEMs use a driver shaft for their fairway woods, we’ve developed a shaft specifically for Fairway woods. The stiffness profile (stiffer than a standard wood shaft) and lower balance point is designed for a higher flight both off a short tee and the fairway. The increase in butt frequency for these 45” shafts over a typical 46” driver shaft makes it simple to achieve a balanced, progression of stiffness from the driver through the fairway woods.

XCaliber Hybrids

Designed with the lowest balance point of any hybrid shaft in the industry, the XCaliber Hybrids are amazingly easy to get airborne without excessive spin. The 41” shafts can be trimmed to accommodate a variety of lofts and head weights, and cab be fit to a wide range of golfers.

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